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Welcome To New Lifestyles


Are you a young adult ready to make a change in your life? Know that you can but not sure how or even where to begin?


New Lifestyles offers you the opportunity to regain the hope you once held for your future. By inviting you to create with us a plan that promises you a meaningful and exciting path of redirecting your life, we will support and encourage you to discover the person you had always planned to become.

Our approach, which parallels "real life" and the "real world," defines a process of growth and change that is both natural and age appropriate.

How does it work? What's different about New Lifestyles and specific to emerging adulthood?

At New Lifestyles, you will live with other students and develop that special camaraderie that comes only through struggling and sharing challenges in an environment that offers success to those who are willing to work hard. You will partner with staff who will encourage you to succeed at accomplishing what ever goals you've set for your self. And, at the same time you are striving to make changes you can enroll in college classes or look for part-time work.

We mean it when we say, "Our treatment is integrated into real life."  Did we mention that you will have household responsibilities and that you will also create a budget? Sorry, we did say, "real life."

You will also learn to engage in innovative therapeutic approaches designed with you in mind. At New Lifestyles, therapy is there when you need it because the entire staff is here to encourage you. Our doctorate level therapists are trained in the latest techniques to help you overcome those barriers that have interfered with your ability to reach your potential. Whether you do best with shorter but daily individual sessions, or with longer but less frequent meetings, your therapist is a resourceful guide for you and your entire team.

Haven't graduated from high school? Not a problem. Our tutors can work with your home school, an on-line school or a local GED program to get you the credits you need to fast track college acceptance. Not sure about work? We can help you arrange a volunteer position to introduce you to the world of work before you take that next step toward looking for a paid job.

Because you are not on your own during this journey, you and your parents will have a unique opportunity to redefine your relationship. With regular phone contact and quarterly workshops that clue them into your process of change, we teach them how to best support you as an emerging adult striving toward independence. Through presentations, role plays, and reading assignments, we challenge them to change and grow with you.

Ready to learn more about how New Lifestyles can change your life? Let's get started.

Interested in learning more about the zE House, our safe, supportive gender-expansive housing for LGBTQ clients and allies? Please call Jon in the Admissions Office at 540-535-5861 for information and availabilty. 

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