Welcome to New Lifestyles!

New Lifestyles is a small, coed, individualized transition program for emerging adults. Our uniqueness among programs for young men and women 18 years of age and older is in our ability to provide a clinically intensive opportunity for self-development and growth within a typical and non-stigmatizing community setting that promotes a sense of freedom and choice. It is our professional and clinically rigorous approach that allows students to address underlying problems and issues that other programs simply fail to recognize.

For students, New Lifestyles offers the ability to grow and thrive beyond current limitations and discomforts while making friends and continuing educational and/or career development. At New Lifestyles, the decision to enroll in a program need not mean isolation from other young adults and educational pursuits.

For parents, New Lifestyles offers the ability to foster their child’s development and success as an emerging adult and the opportunity for an exceptional value when the cost of comprehensive services is compared to other programs. Parents also have an opportunity to participate in multi-family workshops where they meet other families struggling with similar issues.

Applications for enrollment at New Lifestyles are accepted throughout the year. Please contact us for detailed information or to schedule an interview by using the email link, the application page, or by calling 540-722-4521.

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